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University of Delaware -
My dream is to travel the world & live in a big city
🌎 (at Purgatory Chasm)
WING IT (at University of Delaware)
This is why Jews don’t celebrate Easter…. Happy Easter to all my celebrating friends! (at The Jewish Easter Bunny)
"Can you take a picture of the five of us????" - @jaynebe #No.  (at Delicatessen & macbar)
#tbt wristbands over the last year…  (at Grotto Pizza)
IT’S FINALLY OFFICIAL!!! Flight is booked- I will be traveling the streets and sleeping in the alleys of Europe for a month this summer with two of my favorite knuckleheads @allieriche @corkscrew1  (at Europe)
Call your mother. Tell her you love her. Remember you’re the only person who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside.
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Sometimes I remind myself that I almost skipped the party, that I almost went to a different college, that the whim of a minute could have changed everything and everyone. Our lives, so settled, so specific, are built on happenstance.

— Every Last One (Anna Quindlen)

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Strawberry by Paul Baribeau 

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I automatically assume people won’t like me, so I don’t talk to them unless they approach me first. I can’t become a part of a crowd because I can’t get past that feeling that I don’t belong.

Stephanie Kuehner (via psych-facts)

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